Puzzle #31

Congratulations to our winners of Puzzle #30! One person has been chosen from each location:

Jamison M. (Royal Oak), Luke H. (Orlando), AnnMarie K. (Tampa), Claude S. (Grand Rapids), Tracy F. (Miami), Josephine L. (Washington D.C)
and our Facebook Winner Robin H.

Please look for an email from us with instructions on how to redeem your free ticket!


The correct answer was:

1. Once in a blue moon
2. There is no one to blame.
3. Space invaders.


A puzzle for this week: A clever riddle–can you figure out who did it?

During a recent police investigation, Chief Inspector Stone was interviewing five local villains to try and identify who stole Mrs Archer’s cake from the mid-summers fayre. Below is a summary of their statements:

Arnold: it wasn’t Edward
it was Brian

Brian: it wasn’t Charles
it wasn’t Edward

Charles: it was Edward
it wasn’t Arnold

Derek: it was Charles
it was Brian

Edward: it was Derek
it wasn’t Arnold

It was well known that each suspect told exactly one lie. Can you determine who stole the cake?




One winner will be selected for each location.
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