Puzzle #42

Congratulations to our winners of Puzzle #41! One person has been chosen from each location:

Tyler T. (Royal Oak), Cleighton S. (Orlando), Rebecca W. (Tampa), Grayce K. (Grand Rapids), Vanessa Z. (Miami), Chris G. (Washington D.C), Jerrel F. (Rochester) and our Facebook Winner Jordan F.

Please look for an email from us with instructions on how to redeem your free ticket!


The correct answers are:

1. Easy as pie

2. A walk around the block

3. One foot in front of the other


This week’s puzzle: Give this anagram puzzle a shot! Good Luck!

The following sentences can be completed by adding two words that are anagrams (using the same letters to spell different words) of one another. Each word has only FOUR letters. Enjoy!

1. If you prick your finger while picking a ____, it may be very ____.

2. If you take a ____ at the Mad Hatter’s party, you still may not get a sip of his ____.

3. If you need some stamps, then you must ____ by the ____ office.

4. If you eat a whole ____ of a wedding cake, you may develop a spare ____ around your middle.

5. If you have a ____ with your friend, you should forgive them and focus on the future, not on the ____.

One winner will be selected for each location.
An additional winner will be chosen from people who like and/or share the Puzzle of the Week post on our Facebook page.
Answering the puzzle correctly AND liking/sharing it doubles your chance of winning!