Puzzle #50

Congratulations to our winners of Puzzle #49! One person has been chosen from each location:

Valorie E. (Royal Oak), Timothy F. (Orlando), Kende C. (Tampa), Kathryn H. (Grand Rapids), Jessica F. (Miami), Diahna B. (Washington D.C), Theresa H. (Rochester) and our Facebook Winner Sabastian G.

Please look for an email (Facebook message for the Facebook winner) from us with instructions on how to redeem your free ticket!


The correct answers are:

  1. 50 cars and one locomotive weigh 4825 tons. (Each car is identical). If the locomotive weighs 225 tons, how much does each car weigh?
    1. Total weight = loco+ # of cars (weight of each car)
    2. X=weight of each car
    3. C=# of cars
    4. Weight= 225+c(wt)
    5. 4825=225+ 50X
    6. 92 tons
  2. A car’s tank holds 16 gallons of gas. At 1 gallon, you stop at the gas station to refuel. If the car uses 3 gallons of gas/hour, when will you need to refill?
    1. Fill up=total gas-gas use
    2. T=time driving
    3. 1gallon = 16 gallons – (T)(3gallons/hour)
    4. 1g-16g = -(T)(3g)
    5. -15gallons/-3g = -T/-3g
    6. 5=T
    7. 5 hours



This week we celebrate our 50th Puzzle of the Week!! To show our appreciation for those who are up for the challenge of solving these weekly puzzles, and to honor our 50th post (as well as Cyber Monday it seems) We will be giving away not one, but TWO free tickets per location! Submit your answers because you are now even more likely to win a free ticket!

You’re going to have to work for it though…For this week’s puzzle: here are a few toughie riddles! Best of luck!

  1. challengin riddle #1
  2. challenging riddle 2
  3. challenging riddle #3


This week only, TWO winners will be selected for each location.

TWO additional winners will also be chosen from people who like and/or share the Puzzle of the Week post on our Facebook page.
Answering the puzzle correctly AND liking/sharing it doubles your chance of winning!