Puzzle #60

Congratulations to our winners of Puzzle #59! One winner has been chosen from each location:

Cheryl D. (Royal Oak), April W. (Orlando), Laurynne P. (Tampa), Mike A. (Grand Rapids), Kathy P. (Miami), Marina P. (Washington D.C), Erin W. (Rochester), Mark W. (Chicago), Jennifer T. (Albany), Michael M. (Buffalo), Erin (Providence) and Amy M. (Jacksonville) 

Our Facebook Winners are: Rick C. (All Locations), Margie S. (Royal Oak), Megan A. (Grand Rapids), Alex C. (Orlando), Jennifer P. (Tampa), Kathy B. (Miami), Dashawn A. (Washington D.C.), Lauren M. (Rochester), Howard S. (Chicago), Melissa H. (Albany), Sandra C. (Buffalo), Kristen H. (Providence) and Beth M. (Jacksonville).

Please look for an email (Facebook message for the Facebook winners) from us with instructions on how to redeem your free ticket!


Some possible answers were:

  1. Summary
  2. Robin Hood
  3. Once in a blue moon

For this week’s puzzle: a fun word riddle! Good luck!

Q: Bail, Nail, and Mail are three four-letter words that differ only by their first letters. And those first letters (B, N, and M) happen to be adjacent on a computer keyboard. Can you think of five four-letter words that have the same property — that is, they’re identical except for their first letters, with those first letters being adjacent on the keyboard?


One winner will be selected from each location.

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Answering the puzzle correctly AND liking/sharing it doubles your chance of winning!