Puzzle #73


Congratulations to our winners of Puzzle #72!

Dane B. (Royal Oak), Andrea J. (Orlando), Michael H. (Tampa), Joan K. (Grand Rapids), Anton G. (Miami), Alicia W. (Washington D.C), Anthony R. (Rochester), Davey (Albany), Melissa G. (Buffalo), Danielle T. (Providence), Lourdes R. (Pittsburgh) and Kimberly D. (Jacksonville)

Our Facebook Winners are: Chandra F. (Royal Oak), (Grand Rapids), Daniel S. (Orlando), Kristin M. (Tampa), (Miami), Chris E. (Washington D.C.), Debbie D. (Rochester), Ronnie D. (Albany), Ryan S. (Buffalo), Kim C. (Providence), Linda F. (Pittsburgh) and Pam P. (Jacksonville).

Please look for an email (Facebook message for the Facebook winners-BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR FILTERED MESSAGES) from us with instructions on how to redeem your free ticket!


The answer to puzzle 72 was:

8. The total for each row and column should be 15. 4+8+1+2=15 and 5+8+1+1=15


For this week’s puzzle: Gary, Harry, Larry, and Barry were all in a race. Using the clues below, can you figure out the order in which Gary, Harry, Larry, and Barry finished the race as well as the number and color they wore? Good luck!

Only one person wore the same number as the position they finished. Gary, who didn’t wear green, beat Barry. Larry beat the person who wore yellow. The person who wore number 3, wore green. The person who wore number 2 finished first whereas Harry came last. The person who finished second wore green, Barry wore yellow and the person wearing red beat the person wearing blue.



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