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Puzzle of the Week


  September 11, 2018

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #125!
Stacey S. (Royal Oak), Tanya S. (Grand Rapids), Kyle T. (Buffalo), Jodi C. (Rochester), Jessica L. (Orlando), Loni C. (Tampa), Bryan S. (Jacksonville), Mariana K. (Miami), Michael C. (Chicago), Ella G. (Washington D.C.), Jose O. (Providence), Mariah S. (Akron), and Jesus H. (Pittsburgh). And our Facebook winners: Doug D. (Royal Oak), Kristen R. (Grand Rapids), Kim P. (Buffalo), Kaylee D. (Rochester), Rosie N. (Orlando), Nora M. (Tampa), Tom C. (Jacksonville), Martin G. (Chicago), Tusha P. (Providence), Serena C. (Akron), and Cherie B. (Pittsburgh).

The answer to Puzzle #125 was:
Moriarty received £420, Fingers Malloy received £382 and Scarface Jones received £348.

Puzzle #126: A fun Alpha-puzzle! Good luck!
Use the directions below to fill in the rest of the Alpha-griddle below. Then list the hidden country! Good luck! Directions: A is east of V: B is north of V C is south of G and west of X D is east of W: J is east of L F is east of K and south of J H is north of V and east of E L is west of T and north of C M is west of R: O is north of M N is east of Z and south of T P is north of A: Q is east of K R is east of C and west of X S is west of W and north of V U is south of Q: W is north of X X is east of V and south of T Y is west of T: Z is south of G

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