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The Great Escape Room is excited to present a new game-changing opportunity for our corporate clients. Call us today to schedule your team’s ½ day ultimate learning experience: The Truth About Conflict™

We’ve teamed up with the workplace conflict resolution and communication professionals at PERSPECTIVES, LLC to bring this shared learning event to you.

This ½-day group training experience will teach your team to view conflict from a whole new perspective. It’s fun, of course! Your team will also head back to work with new language, understanding, and skills for turning conflict into opportunities.

Did you know, leaders spend as much as 50% of their time on conflict?

Have you ever considered how much conflict is costing your organization?

The truth is, conflict provides incredible opportunities to learn, create, develop, and transform.  Through this one-of-a-kind learning experience, your team will learn:

  • A whole new perspective on conflict
  • An understanding of individual conflict styles, new options, and when alternative styles may be more effective
  • How to identify the real root of conflict and effectively resolve it
  • How to uncover and seize the opportunities hidden within conflict

What you get with this ultimate ½ day learning experience:

  • 2 hours of expert, game-changing training
  • 1 hour to practice what you’ve learned in THE GREAT ESCAPE ROOM
  • 30 minute “put it all together” debrief and discussion

Don’t wait any longer!  Call us today and get on your way to greater teamwork, creativity, collaboration, productivity, unity, and trust!

“…just minutes after leaving the conference, I experienced a work-related conflict. It wasn’t pleasant, but the silver lining is I used it as my first opportunity to apply some of the practices introduced in your workshop. It is working out much better than I would have expected, so I’m happy to report my real-life success story to you! Thank you!”  – Josh. U.S. Department of Interior.