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Puzzle of the Week

Puzzle #151

  August 9, 2019

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #150!
Michelle M. (Royal Oak), Ted (Grand Rapids), Rianna T. (Rochester), David S. (Orlando), Alice V. (Tampa), David B. (Jacksonville), Miki J. (Chicago), Darren (Providence), Blake C. (Akron), Katie (Miami), Sharnae C. (Washington D.C.), and Jessica R. (Pittsburgh).

The Answer to Puzzle #150 was:
Albert passed the goods, Bruce created the diversion, and Clive took the goods out of the shop--Bruce gave the 2 truthful statements.

Puzzle #151
Can you find at least 5 4-letter words in the wheel below that MUST include the letter R in the middle of the hub? Extra points if you can find the hidden 9-letter word! Good luck!  

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Good luck!