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Puzzle of the Week


  October 4, 2018

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #126!
Karen F. (Royal Oak), Javon H. (Grand Rapids), Matthew D. (Rochester), Lisa (Orlando), Aaron H. (Tampa), Kristin S. (Jacksonville), N/A (Miami), Jenna M. (Chicago), Maya C. (Washington D.C.), Conan S. (Providence), Mariah S. (Akron), and Ada G. (Pittsburgh). And our Facebook winners: Leslie D. (Royal Oak), Kirby K. (Grand Rapids), Amanda C. (Rochester), Scott G. (Orlando), Beeg R. (Tampa), Stephanie M. (Jacksonville), Eileen O. (Chicago), Robbi J. (Providence), David O. (Akron), and Cheryl S. (Pittsburgh).

The answer to Puzzle #126 was:
China was the hidden country!

Puzzle #127: A fun Sherlock mystery! Good luck!
Inspector Lestrade received information from a reliable source that Professor Moriarty planned to rob a well known London store. Lestrade immediately called on the services of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to help him keep close surveillance on the store. Between them, they agreed that there would be two of them on duty each day. It was also agreed that no person would observe the building for more than two consecutive days. Holmes volunteered to be one of the two to start the surveillance on Monday and Watson insisted that he was not called upon for duty on Wednesday. If Moriarty was caught robbing the store on the Saturday; which two were on surveillance duty that day?

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