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Puzzle of the Week

Puzzle #158

  December 12, 2019

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #157!
Zachary M. (Royal Oak), Tiersza P. (Grand Rapids), Scott R. (Rochester), N/A (Orlando), Lindsay F. (Tampa), Breanna C. (Jacksonville), Daniel D. (Chicago), Amelia S. (Providence), Ali M. (Akron), N/A (Miami), Jordan (Washington D.C.), and Carol U. (Pittsburgh).

The answer to Puzzle #157 was:
The hidden country was China!

Puzzle #158!
A fun Sherlock riddle! A student at Oxbridge University has stolen an ancient parchment from the library. The thief is known to live in the student quarters in one of the rooms numbered from 43 to 47. The five students who occupy these rooms: BOTHWELL, CARTER, DANIELS, KNIGHT & SIMPSON, are saying nothing. They will not say which room they occupy, which subject they are reading, or their first names. After some extensive detective work Sherlock now knows the five subjects to be: HISTORY, BIOLOGY, ECONOMICS, LANGUAGES and LAW, while the first names are WILLIAM, PETER, JOHN, TOM and ROBERT. Using the clues below, can you connect all of the surnames to the first names, identify which subjects they read, which room each lived in, and therefore identify the thief?? Good luck! CLUES: 1. WILLIAM resides in the room to the left of the student reading ECONOMICS. 2. BOTHWELL has an even numbered room, as does JOHN. 3. The student in number 45 reads LAW. 4. JOHN and TOM are close friends but neither know KNIGHT very well. 5. KNIGHT has the room between the BIOLOGY student and CARTER the ECONOMICS student. 6. DANIELS is in room 47 next to ROBERT who reads BIOLOGY. 7. TOM reads LANGUAGES and lives two doors to the right of the thief

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Good luck!