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Puzzle of the Week

Puzzle #145

  May 2, 2019

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #144
N/A (Buffalo), Eleanor M. (Royal Oak), Tiersza P. (Grand Rapids), Alli P. (Rochester), . Elise D. (Orlando), Edward M. (Tampa), Qris. (Jacksonville), Atish P. (Chicago), Danielle V. (Providence), Jarek C. (Akron), Kiara E. (Miami), N/A. (Washington D.C.), and Idie S. (Pittsburgh).

The Answer to Puzzle #144 was:

The numbers written on the calendar actually represents the months in the calendar whose initial letter represents the name of the killer.

1 = January [J] 4 = April [A] 9 = September [S] 10 = October [O] 11 = November [N]

The killer is Jason.

Jam Stain

The Smith family is a very wealthy family that lives in a big, circular home. One morning, Mr. Smith woke up and saw a strawberry jam stain on his new carpet. He figured out that everyone who was there that morning had a jam sandwich. From the following statements, figure out who spilled the jam.

Billy Smith: “I was outside playing basketball.” The Maid: “I was dusting the corners of the house.” Chef: “I was starting to make lunch for later.”

Who is lying?

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Good luck!