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Puzzle of the Week


  August 2, 2018

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #122!
Sandra C. (Royal Oak), Jessica F. (Grand Rapids), Carl B. (Buffalo), Megan C. (Rochester), Lora K. (Orlando), Matthew S. (Tampa), Stephen D. (Jacksonville), N/A (Miami), Diana M. (Chicago), N/A (Washington D.C.), Jennifer V. (Providence), Janell H. (Akron), and Patti L. (Pittsburgh). And our Facebook winners: Ryan Y. (Royal Oak), Pauline S. (Grand Rapids), Caylan C. (Buffalo), Mary H. (Rochester), Jorod A. (Orlando),  Melody B. (Tampa), Dan H. (Jacksonville), N/A (Miami), Candella D. (Chicago), Jordan C. (Washington D.C.), Gary S. (Providence), Lisa S. (Akron), and Mara S. (Pittsburgh).

The answer to Puzzle #122 was:
8762 + 98586 = 107328 A=5   E=2   F=1   G=9   L=0   O=7   R=8   S=6   W=3

Puzzle #123: A fun Sherlock puzzle! Good luck!
Holmes stood looking at twelve safety deposit boxes. He knew the stolen jewels were in the box belonging to Professor Moriarty, but he didn't know which box. The boxes were stacked in three rows of four (see diagram). The attendant refused to tell Holmes which box had been used by Moriarty, but he did give him the information listed below. 1. The box belonging to JONES was to the right of BLACK'S box and directly above MILLAR'S. 2. BOOTH'S box was directly above GRAY'S. 3. SMITH'S box was also above GRAY'S (although not directly). 4. GREEN'S box was directly below SMITH'S. 5. WILSON'S box was between that of DAVIS and BOOTH. 6. MILLAR'S box was on the bottom row directly to the right of HERD'S. 7. WHITE'S box was in the bottom right hand corner in the same column as BOOTH'S. Which box belonged to MORIARTY?

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