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Puzzle of the Week

Puzzle #138

  March 12, 2019

Congrats to the winners of Puzzle #137
N/A (Buffalo), Flora. (Royal Oak), Pete H. (Grand Rapids), Janine B. (Rochester), Kelli S. (Orlando), Carly W. (Tampa), Jasper C. (Jacksonville), Leah C. (Chicago), Andrew H. (Providence), David K. (Akron), Arielis B. (Miami), Priya. (Washington D.C.), and Ryan F. (Pittsburgh).

The Answer to Puzzle #137 was:

Mark Crimson "?" = question MARK, so the note on the door reads "Question Mark Crimson.

He broke your window."

Guess the Name!

A rich man that lived in a beautiful house on Baker Street, Mr. Ronald Green, has just been kidnapped and Sherlock Holmes has been appointed to the case. He finds a note at the crime scene written by Mr. Green. It read:

“First of January, Fourth of October, Fifth of March, Third of June.” Sherlock knew that somehow, the killer’s name was hidden in the note. The suspects were as follows:

Jack Green, the son and the heir of the property John Jacobson, an employee of Mr. Green June Green, Green’s wife

Sherlock deduced the killer’s name in an instant. Can you?

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Good luck!