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The Great Escape Room is an exciting group activity if you are looking for something new and fun to do in the Chicago area. We can host birthday parties, team-building events, group hangouts, and more! Please contact us with any questions or to book your tickets for a room today.

You can choose from our open slots or request a reservation ahead of time.

Escape Rooms We Offer

Infirmary: Surgical Crisis

As part of the newest observation team chosen to examine the famous Dr. Watson's latest discovery. A problem strikes when a deadly virus has been released into the room, leaving you and your friends stranded. You must work together to find the clues scattered throughout the room. The operating machine will activate once you have all the clues, and your team will save the day!

-Minimal scavenger hunting
-A fantastic room for puzzle lovers
-39% completion rate

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Poker Night at The President's Bunker

In this room, your team takes a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the White House. Your last stop is at the Presidential command bunker. Once there, there is an attack on the U.S., sending the bunker into lockdown. You and your team must find the necessary clues in 60 minutes or less so you can escape and help stop the attack.

- Minimal scavenger hunting
- A terrific room for active types
- 35% completion rate

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Escape Artist: The Final Seance

The Seance Room is based around Harry Houdini and his wife Bess. On each anniversary of Harry's death on October 31, 1926, Bess performed a seance at The Knickerbocker hotel with the goal of reaching out to her beloved husband. This room centers on the 10th anniversary of the famed magician's death, where Bess tries one last attempt of contacting her husband. Your team will have 60 minutes to help complete the seance and speak to Harry.

-Minimal scavenger hunting
-A thrilling room for magic lovers
-18% completion rate

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Escape The Colosseum: The Underworld Maze

You are a prisoner locked away under the famous Colosseum. You notice there is a 2-hour window between guard shifts in which you can mount an escape. You and your team must advance through multiple rooms in this challenging escape room experience. Think you can make it out to freedom?

-Minimal scavenger hunting
-A challenging time for all
-38% completion rate

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Scavenger Hunt Rooms

Fun for all ages and experience levels! Follow the clues and search the room for what you need to break out!

Portable Escape Experience

Is your team ready for an out-of-the-box experience? For large corporate teams, we can bring the fun of escape rooms to your office.

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What people are saying.

"Really Great Escape Room!"

As advertised: a really great escape room! I’ve done a couple and this was a great puzzle and a lot of fun to figure out. We only needed a few hints.. A great place to go with the family!


Alex G.

Chicago, IL

"Best Money Spent In Chicago!"

The kids were so happy with the first experience that we immediately booked another one a half an hour later. We did both the game room and the library which are the scavenger hunt version and it was perfect for the kids. Best money we’ve spent in Chicago so far!!! Thank you!!!!


Jennifer F.

Chicago, IL

"Fun Escape Rooms!"

Great time, actually did two rooms here, both were fun and a bit challenging.


Greg C.

Chicago, IL

"5 out of 5 stars!"

Michelle was amazing help! Great experience!


Aaliyah C.

Chicago, IL

"Lots of fun..."

The President's Bunker was lots of fun - our team of three did it in 40:48


Sam M.

Chicago, IL

"Great Time!"

Our crew had a great time. We almost made it. It was definitely a challenge. I would recommend it to anyone


Enrico M.

Chicago, IL