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Voted #1 Escape Room across America - A truly innovative experience that will keep you coming back for more!

Escape Rooms

Test your code-breaking, problem-solving, combination-cracking skills! Check out our advanced game play leading the escape room industry:

Scavenger Hunt Rooms

Fun for all ages and experience levels! Follow the clues and search the room for what you need to break out!

Portable Escape Experience

Is your team ready for an out-of-the-box experience? For large corporate teams, we can bring the fun of escape rooms to your office.

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What people are saying.

"We had so much fun!"

As a team event I highly recommend it, collaboratively we figured this might be too easy and it wasn’t! We were challenged to work together & we had such a great time. Thank you!


Sue T.

Tampa, FL

"Excellent Staff!"

It was great fun!! Went with friends after ComicCon and had a blast, solved the room with minutes to spare!


Kiersten L.

Tampa, FL

"Great escape rooms and puzzles!"

Simply amazing, great rooms and puzzles. The hosts were the best part though funny and very personable. We'll be back!


Mike H.

Tampa, FL

"Great performing staff!"

My family did this escape as one of our monthly outings. We did 2 escape rooms, the infirmary and the the Presidential bunker. They were both great rooms we had a blast! The hosts for both rooms was like in full character.


Toni D.

Tampa, FL

"Doing all the escape rooms!"

Was great and staff was super helpful, going back for a third time asap


Frank H.

Tampa, FL

"Fun for Vacations!"

We were on vacation and went to the escape room twice, because it was so much fun the first time. Q made the experience incredible both time. If you don’t know what to do in Florida besides the norm definitely go to the escape room!


David I.

Tampa, FL