Team Building

Teams that play well together, work well together!

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” - Plato

Unlocking Success Together: How Escape Rooms Foster Team Building

In the fast-paced business world, effective teamwork is the key to success. Companies constantly seek innovative ways to strengthen their teams, and one activity that has gained significant popularity is the Escape Room. These immersive challenges offer more than just a thrilling adventure; they provide a unique opportunity for employees to enhance various aspects of their teamwork. Let's delve into how escape rooms can significantly benefit your company's team building efforts.

Communication and Trust

Effective communication and trust are the bedrock of any successful team. Escape rooms encourage participants to communicate clearly and efficiently under pressure. In these high-stakes scenarios, team members must actively listen to one another, share ideas, and collaborate to solve intricate puzzles and escape within a time limit. The experience not only reveals communication strengths and weaknesses but also fosters trust among colleagues as they rely on each other's abilities to progress.

Motivation and Fun

Motivation is essential to keep a team engaged and committed to their tasks. Escape rooms inject a healthy dose of excitement and fun into the team-building process. The adrenaline rush and the shared sense of accomplishment upon escaping create a memorable experience that motivates employees. They return to the workplace with a renewed spirit, ready to tackle challenges with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. We have multiple examples of employees placing escape room photos adjacent to family photos on their desks. We feel honored.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a highly valued skill in the corporate world. Escape rooms provide a controlled environment where participants can hone their problem-solving abilities. Teams must think critically, analyze clues, and approach challenges from multiple angles to achieve their goal. This exercise in creative problem solving translates directly to the workplace, enabling teams to tackle complex issues more efficiently. Having a clear path is desired by staff and is what puts the word "Escape" into Escape Room.


Creativity is the driving force behind innovation. Escape rooms challenge participants to think outside the box, encouraging them to explore unconventional solutions. This creativity not only aids in escaping the room but also fosters a culture of innovation within the workplace. Teams that have honed their creative thinking skills are better equipped to develop unique solutions to everyday challenges.

The Great Escape Room has thoughtfully incorporated the principles of team building into our design. We are unique in emphasizing non linear game flows that allow all players to participate. This requires elements of trust, communication and bonding to a greater extent than conventional escape room experiences. It leaves everyone with a sense of accomplishment and increased morale.

The Great Escape Room also offers team events that can be brought to your location. Our On The Run can accommodate up to several hundred people. Using similar clues and puzzles presented in a different format, it can provide a more flexible option for your organization. We have multiple corporations that completed our events with extremely positive feedback. Please see some examples below.

Escape rooms offer a multifaceted approach to team building, addressing communication, trust, motivation, problem solving, and creativity. When employees bond over the shared triumphs and challenges of an escape room, they return to work with strengthened relationships and a newfound ability to collaborate effectively. Investing in an escape room adventure can undoubtedly unlock the full potential of your team and drive your company towards greater success. We look forward to challenging you, amusing you and of course charging you.

Teams We’ve Worked With

How will our Escape Rooms help you improve your team?

Our intricately designed escape rooms include challenging puzzles that are designed to help your team members appreciate each others strengths, and everyone contributes! This shared experience provides insight into your group’s performance, and a professional team building experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere can be more appreciated than traditional techniques

Are there benefits of taking your team through our escape rooms?

Absolutely! Your team will experience a sense of accomplishment as they succeed as a group, through everyone’s combined efforts. They can gain valuable mutual respect and understanding for their co-workers and reap the benefits of quality communication. Escape Rooms challenges can enhance the bond between coworkers, create deeper friendships, and generate a sense of camaraderie as colleagues all work for a common goal.