Mountain Top Murders Escape Room

60 Min Escape Room Synopsis

Your Nana was always a bit estranged from the family, but you tried your best to stay connected to her. I mean after all, she’s quite old, and she shouldn’t have to spend her days in solitude. You do really worry about her, but she insists that she's fine in her mountain cabin by herself. It was always an hourly phone call that was your little bonding time, but nearly a month has passed since your last contact with her.

You decide it's time to take a visit up to check on dear old Nana Hannah. It takes you all day to get directions and now that night has fallen, you only make out the cabin by the cracks that shine through her fencing from your headlights. You peak through a broken window pane to see red marks down at the end of the hall. Calling out, there is no answer.

Did someone break into the cabin? Is that slashes of blood on the wall? What happened to Nana Hannah? Experience the mystery in an Pigeon Forge, TN escape room and find out.

Next Generation Game Monitor

Game monitors will provide a unique, progressive, hint delivery integrated into the storyline.

Please Note: Mountain Top Murders utilizes special effects including specialty lighting and brief periods of darkness. This experience contains references/imagery that may be disturbing or scary for some players including depictions of death. We do not recommend this experience for young children. If you previously played Nana Hannah's Forgotten Gift at our Tampa, FL location, several puzzles in Mountain Top Murders are similar with some new surprises added.

When you arrive at your Nana's secluded mountain cabin, you have a feeling that all of you are in perilous danger.

Puzzle Level

The game play in this room is great for puzzle lovers. Put on your thinking cap when you enter this escape room!

Room Capacity

This room is suitable for groups of up to 6 participants in public games and 6 participants in private games.