Nana Hannah’s Forgotten Gift Escape Room

60 Min Escape Room Synopsis

It’s Christmas Eve, and you’ve been bad... you forgot your Nana, and that’s so sad!

So you have to sneak in - this very night! - before she wakes, and gets a fright.

Without a gift, she’ll feel forgotten...and then you‘ll feel, pretty rotten!

Next Generation Game Monitor

Game monitors will provide a unique, progressive, hint delivery integrated into the storyline.

You forgot to deliver a Christmas present to your favorite Aunt, Nana Hannah! Can you sneak the present under her tree on Christmas Eve without waking her?

Scavenger Level

The game play in this room involves minimal scavenger hunting and requires more deductive problem solving like our other escape rooms.

Puzzle Level

The game play in this room is great for puzzle lovers. Put on your thinking cap when you enter this escape room!

Escape Rate

42% of teams manage to complete this room. Do you have what it takes to be among the winners?

Room Capacity

This room is suitable for groups of up to 8 participants in public games and 8 participants in private games.